Tax rebate


Hungary offers a very simple tax-rebate system for film and/or television projects with eligible development and production expenditure by the Hungarian Filmlaw.

Most of cinema and television or other distribution platform films, series, tv-movies, shorts, documentaries, animations, etc. can benefit, with the exception ofadvertisements, sitcoms, reality shows, daily soaps and other non-fiction television programs, games, etc.

The tax rebate is 25% of the eligible Hungarian spent, the rebate has no cap.

In case of non-Hungarian expenditure (which means spent on non-Hungarian tax-payer individuals or companies which qualify even if are not spent within Hungary) up to 25% of the total Hungarian expenditure qualifies too, so in total 125% of Hungarian spent qualifies for the 25% tax-rebate.

(e.g. based on 1 million€ eligible expenditure and another 250.000€ expenditure paid by/through the local Hungarian production company the tax rebate can be as high as 312.500€)

Since its first announcement in 2004, Mythberg Films’ projects have successfully benefitted from the tax-rebate support and our company has been a reliable and firm partner of the Hungarian Film Office.


Please contact us at  and ask for a detailed description of the system to learn how to qualify and what to expect after your Hungarian spend.

Mythberg also offers a regularly updated production/crew price-list upon your request.