The Cameramurderer

What starts out as a relaxing weekend at lake Neusiedl ends in fear and horror for two friendly couples. Three children have gone missing from the neighboring village. As tensions increase people start showing their true colors. Every one of them has something to hide - but none of them are aware of what horrors lie just beneath the surface.

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Title: The Cameramurderer
Year: 2010
Director: Robert-Adrian Pejo 
Producers: Erich Lackner, Andreas Hruza, 
Co-producers: Jozsef Berger, Susann Rüdlinger
Script Based on the novel by: Thomas Glavinic
written by: Robert-
Adrian Pejo, Agnes Pluch, Günter Pscheider
DoP: Gergely Pohárnok 
Editor: Loredana Cristelli
Prod.Design: Csaba Stork
Costume: Krisztina Ignjatovic
Music: David Yengibarjan 

Main Cast:
- Merab Ninidze
- Dorka Gryllus
- Ursina Lardi
- Andreas Lust

Language: German, Hungarian 
Genre: Thriller 
Format: Digital 
Length: 95min
Partners: Lotus Film (Austria), Mythberg Films, Cobra Film (Switzerland), Hruza MedienBüro (Austria)
Sales: Mythberg Films