In an alternate suburbia, Simulacram Robotics manufactures simbots – highly lifelike androids – to serve humanity. For wealth manager Harley Goulding (50s) and high-powered publicist Faye Goulding (late 40s), Maia is purchased to manage their smart home and busy lives, and to look after the shut-in, academic Lex (18), and the curious, nature-obsessed Zack (13). While Maia’s purpose appears to be strictly domestic help – beneath the surface, a deeper, ambiguous mission guides her...

The family is initially unsuspecting but Maia’s strong-willed approach to serve soon causes Faye to question her intentions. Harley stubbornly refuses to return Maia – until she peels away the layers of dysfunction and reveals a darker side to each family member. Finally, Harley agrees to send Maia back. On the verge of failing her secretive, unspoken objective, Maia locks the Gouldings inside their smart-home, inciting a game of cat and mouse between humans and machine.

The Gouldings unite to hunt Maia down – but strangely, she doesn’t fight back against the onslaught of violence and submits to destruction. In her act of self-sacrifice, the Gouldings realize how far they’ve drifted apart and rediscover their own humanity - which was Maia’s true purpose all along…


logline: Purchased by a dysfunctional family to manage their busy lives, a domestic-help android’s strong-willed commitment to serve causes her owners to question their machine’s true intentions. As they pursue her destruction, their darkest impulses emerge, leaving her fighting for survival.

genre: Sci-Fi / Drama-Thriller

length: Approx. 100 min.

language: English

audience: Mature

status: Developed, Seeking Financing

budget: $5 million ~ €4.3 million

schedule: Anticipated Shoot: Autumn 2021

creative team: Gábor Herendi, Director (KINCSEM)

Matthew Wygodny, Wrtiter

József Berger, Producer (ESSENTIAL KILLING)

Paul Lenart, Producer (HELLIONS)


Supported by the Creative Europe MEDIA Programme